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NZSS Canoe Polo National Championships 2020

2020 Manawatu Tattoo

NZSS Canoe Polo National Championships 2019

Manawatu Secondary Schools Athletic Championships 2019

PNBHS Athletic Sports & Marching 2019

PNBHS 2018 School Prizegiving

PNBHS 2017 School Prizegiving

PNBHS 2016 School Prizegiving

PNBHS Basketball Nationals

PNBHS Cycling Road Race Nationals

PNBHS 2016 School Concert

PNBHS 2016 Swim Sports

PNBHS 2016 Road Race

PNBHS 2016 Production of GREASE

PNBHS 2016 Sports Day

PNBHS 2015 School Prizegiving

PNBHS 2015 School Concert

PNBHS vs Napier Boys' High Rugby

PNBHS vs Rotorua Boys' High Rugby Exchange

Pasifika Fushion Festival

PNBHS Year 9 Haka Competition

Te Pringa at Pae Taiohi Regional Kapa Haka Competition

PNBHS vs New Plymouth Boys' High Sports Exchange

PNBHS at The Big Sing

PNBHS vs Niger House

PNBHS 2015 ANZAC Service

PNBHS Road Race

PNBHS NZSS Canoe Polo Chamionships

PNBHS NZSS Volleyball Championships

PNBHS 1st XI Cricket vs Francis Douglas College

Westside Story

PNBHS 1st XI Cricket vs Grammar

PNBHS 2015 Sports Day

PNBHS 2014 Prizegiving

PNBHS Junior Showcase

Manawatu Scottish Tattoo

Rankin Cup Hockey

PNBHS 2014 School Concert

PNBHS vs Tauranga Boys' High Rugby Exchange

PNBHS Pasifika Fusion

PNBHS 3rd XV vs Te Aute

Super Eight Cross Country Race, Massey University

MISS Cross Country Race, Massey University

PNBHS vs Gisborne Boys' High School 1st XV

PNBHS vs Wellington College 1st XV, Westpac Stadium

Massey School of Aviation 2014 Wing Ceramony

PNBHS vs Auckland Grammar 1st & U15 Hockey

PNBHS Swim Sports

PNBHS 2014 Cross Country

PNBHS 2014 ANZAC Service

PNBHS 2014 Road Race

2014 Manawatu Secondary School Athletic Champs

Guys and Dolls PNBHS Stage Production

Tennis Quadrangular

PNBHS 2014 Sports Day

PNBHS vs Wellington College Cricket Exchange


PNBHS 2013 Prizegiving

2013 PNBHS Schol Concert

2013 PNBHS vs New Plymouth Boys' Sporst Exchange

2013 College House vs Niger House

Super Eight Cross Country

PNBHS Cross Country

PNBHS 2013 ANZAC Service

PNBHS 2013 Road Race

Whistle Down the Wind

PNBHS Sports Day

PNBHS 2012 Prizegiving

NISS Cycling Championships points Races, Manfeild

PNBHS 2012 School Concert

PNBHS 1st XV vs Hamilton Boys High School

2012 College House vs Niger House

PNBHS 2012 ANZAC Service

PNBHS 1st XV vs Christchurch Boys' High School

South Pacific

PNBHS 2012 Sports Day

PNBHS 2011 Prizegiving

Speedy Sharks Football

2011 Super8 Hockey Final

2011 Napier BHS Exchange

2011 PNBHS 1st XV vs New Plymouth BHS Rugby

2011 College House vs Niger House

PNBHS 2011 Cross Country Race

PNBHS 2011 ANZAC Service

Grease Stageshow PNBHS

PNBHS 2011 Sports Day

The Old Boys' Cricket Club Centenary 2011

PNBHS 2010 Prizegiving

PNBHS 2010 School Concert

PNBHS 1st XV vs Kings College, Rugby

2010 College House vs Niger House

PNBHS vs Gisborne BHS, Rugby

PNBHS Cross Coutry Race

PNBHS 2010 ANZAC Service

PNBHS vs Knox Grammar, Rugby

Manawatu Seconday Schools Athletics Champs

PNBHS 2010 Sports Day

Hampton Down, Bruce McLaren NZ Festival of Motor Racing

PNBHS 2009 Prizegiving

2009 PNBHS PTA / Old Boys' Combined Ball*

PNBHS 2009 School Concert*

Polson Banner Exchange 2009*

PNBHS Sharks vs Cats*

PNBHS 1979 Rugby Reunion

Niger Cup Rugby 2009*

2009 PNBHS ANZAC Service*

PNBHS / Blood Brothers*

PNBHS 2008 Prize Giving*

College House 2008 Group & Competition Photos*

Junior Cycling Nationals U20 Points Race*

Basketball / PNBHS vs Wellington College / SS Nats*

PNBHS Winter Drama Fest*

PNBHS vs New Plymouth BHS 1st XV Rugby 2008*

PNBHS 2008 School Concert*

The Big Sing*

PNBHS 1st XV Rugby vs Gisborne Boys High School*

2008 PNBHS ANZAC Service*

Massey University Dean's List Awards*

PNBHS / The Wedding Singer*

PNBHS 1st XI Cricket vs Wellington College*

PNBHS 2008 Sports Day*

2007 PNBHS Prize Giving*

PNBHS End Year Cycling Time Trail*

PNBHS Year 10 Mountain Bike Ride*

Cricket Promotion at PNBHS with Jacob Oram*

National Junior Cycling Champs, Feilding

PNBHS Junior Production of "Is It Worth It?"

2007 PNBHS PTA & Old Boys' Combined Ball*

PNBHS Junior Production of Shuriken*

PNBHS 2007 School Concert*

PNBHS vs Napier BHS Exchange*

PNBHS vs New Plymouth BHS 1st XV Rugby*

PNBHS vs Hamilton BHS 1st XV Rugby*

PNBHS vs New Plymouth BHS 1st XI Soccer*

2007 National Trials Champs*

2007 PNBHS ANZAC Service*


2006 National MTB, Mt Vic*

2006 PNBHS Prize Giving*

Junior National Cycling Champs*

PNBHS 2006 School Concert*

PNBHS Road Race*

Children of the Poor*

PNBHS 2006 Sports Day*

PNBHS Super8 Golf*

PNBHS Super8 Tennis*

NZ Secondary School Choir Fundraising Concert*

PNBHS Prize Giving 2005*

PNBHS School Concert 2005*

The Big Sing National Finale 2005*

Opening Ian Colquhoun Memorial Hall*

Hot Mikado Stageshow*

PNBHS School & Sports Prize Giving 2004*

PNBHS Interhouse Choral Competition 2004*

Arrow 24hr Adventure Race, Wellington

PNBHS Winter Drama Fest 2004*

PNHBS School Concert 2004 *

Massey Vet Ball 2004*

The Silver Knights Ball 2004*

NZ Secondary School Choir 2004*

Paris Stageshow Opening Night 2004*

NZ National Duathlon Champs 2004*

PNBHS Boys Skydiving 2004*

PNBHS Prize Giving 2003*

PNBHS Speirs Centre Opening 2003*
















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